Daventry in History group is a treasure trove of information, history – and wonderful people

Facebook’s Daventry in History group is run by Andrea Green, who launched her first history page to show her old postcard collection gifted by her late father.

The group, founded by Emma Milburn, now has more than 4,000 members.

Andrea said: “Daventry in History really is a treasure trove of information and history.

“Folk from Daventry and its villages should be rightly proud of its history and I think it should be recorded for future generations.”

Emma invited Andrea to take over admin of the group and since then she’s been joined by Dawn Branigan, who runs First Light Photographic in Daventry town centre, Marianne Follet, Geraldine Isom and photographers Kevin Wade, Mike Hart, Jason Rodhouse and Barrie Lambert.

Andrea added: “We have some wonderful people on the group.

“Some people, like myself, have moved away and some still live in the town or villages who have so many interesting and valuble facts and stories to tell We could never thank them enough for all they give because without them these memories would be lost forever.”

For more information, join the Daventry in History page on Facebook.

As part of our Memory Lane feature, we’ve dug deep into our newspaer archives. Featured are a series of pictures originally sent in by Jennifer Fuller, on behalf of Margaret and Charlie

Dilks. The were all taken in Dodford and show Mr Dilks collecting water from a spring, Nora Edginton using the pump on The Green and Dorothy Goode and her dog fetching

water from the village stream.

The other picture shows members of the Tufty Club, Daventry, September 6, 1968. Cecilia Sharp ran the club for many years.

The picture was taken in the United Reformed Church Rooms, Foundry Place.

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