Extinction Rebellion Northampton leads COP26 climate march as part of wider coalition

Extinction Rebellion led a march this weekend as part of COP26 protests, calling for net zero carbon emissions by 2025, among other goals.

The group, which included the famous ‘Red Rebels’, began their march at midday at the Umbrella Fair Organisation (Northampton Racecourse Pavilion), before setting off along Kettering Road.

The march then made its way into the town centre where it joined other groups for speeches from some of Northampton’s climate change and social justice activists.

Speakers included Dr Larch Maxey, who lived in a tunnel network underneath Euston Square for 31 days in early 2021 to protest against the High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) network.

A spokesperson said: “We are marching today in solidarity with community groups that represent people from all walks of life. The climate crisis is indiscriminate in whose life it will impact, but the way our society currently works means that people who are poorest will be impacted sooner and more harshly than others, particularly those from marginalised groups.”

The group continues to call for net zero, as well as for ‘Citizens’ Assemblies’ where random citizens are chosen to make decisions on the climate, with advice from certain experts.

Below are pictures for the protest in Northampton.

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