Global success for Northampton Personal Trainer as workouts move online

Gabriella Moriarty is a personal trainer in Northampton and has been coaching her customers through lockdown over FaceTime and video calls. Gabby, also known as ‘Get Fit Gabby’ has been taking the internet by storm and recently hit the 10k follower mark on Instagram.

Her workout videos have been shared across the world, resulting in her securing clients from countries such as America.

We caught up with Gabby to find out how she’s adapted her business during lockdown, how it feels to hit 10k followers, and how she kept clients motivated throughout the pandemic.

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Hi Gabby! for those who may not know you, let us know who you are and what you do?

So I go by ‘Get Fit Gabby’ on Instagram, I’m a personal trainer and a long distance runner from Northampton. I hold 1:1 personal training sessions, group training sessions and bootcamps at my home in Northampton. I have a sports coaching degree and have been running and competing since the age of 11 – sport has always been a massive part of my life!

I only train females as I feel like women understand women. This industry is stacked with male trainers and from my personal experience I have only ever had one female PT. My sole focus and goal is to give my clients what they want and I feel like women understand that.

I love working for myself. I am my own business – I do it because I love it, I know women who are scared of going to the gym, so I love being able to help people achieve their goals without being scared!

How long have you been working as a personal trainer?

I started my PT business 4 years ago now. I started doing personal training sessions for my manager and people were so impressed with the results. Before I knew it word had spread and I had enough clients to be able to do PT full time.

Word has continued to spread because of my Instagram – I share home workouts on there and it kind of did my marketing for me. It has definitely shown me the power of social media!

How have you kept your clients motivated throughout lockdown?

As soon as Covid happened I immediately put out a video out to say all future sessions will be now be via video call. The conversation about equipment came up so I gave out all mine to my clients. I wanted them to be able to continue with their goals and obviously I’ve created a great rapport with them. I also know how important exercise can be to someones mental health – so I did what I could to keep them going.

A positive about doing it online was that I could help people who are far away. I ended up having clients in Essex and even in America! They found me through Instagram so it’s been great to be able to help people all over the world.

The biggest challenge has been specific goals for my clients. For example I said to people that during this time they won’t build as much muscle as they would if they were here with me lifting heavy weights. However now is a great time to concentrate on cardiovascular fitness – this is so important for our whole general health, and especially during Coronavirus! So I just told them to use this time to focus on getting healthier.

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Do you have any advice for those who may be struggling to stay active during this time?

I always tell people to have a goal or a focus, so use this time to create your own goal. Try something new and try to go outside, do something different such as a new sport or maybe try running. I say to everyone you can do absolutely anything that you want to –  it’s just a matter of telling your mind. If you tell your mind that you can do something then you absolutely can!

So create a small goal to keep you focused and on track but make sure it’s reasonable and achievable. Write it down and make it personal to you. Your goal might be nothing to someone, but it’s a big one for you.

How do you keep motivated?

A bit controversial but I don’t actually believe motivation is a thing. No-one is motivated all the time – it’s a feeling that comes and goes. For me it’s not motivation, it’s discipline. Some days I get up and I can’t be bothered, but you can make your mind so strong – you’ve just got to think that you can do it. The feeling of not doing something is the worse. I love the feeling that you get after you’ve achieved something, even when you really didn’t want to.

I hold myself accountable to people – sometimes if I am feeling down, I see my clients and followers and they keep me going. I’ll post that I don’t want to go for a run and people message me saying “go on you can do it!” My clients and followers are so nice, they keep me going!

How did it feel to hit 10k followers on Instagram?

I couldn’t believe it! I just want to share workout videos that look achievable but will give you results. Nobody wants to see unrealistic videos that look too hard. Mine are workouts that you can easily do at home in your own time and I think this resonated with people. I’d like to think I’ve helped people ignite their love for fitness.

How have you adapted your business during Covid-19?

So I think this pandemic has made us look at how clean everything is. I’m taking extra precautions and have a 15 – 20 min gap between people. Everything is cleaned after use and carefully put away. I have an outside tap for everyone to wash their hands when they come in and leave, and I have hand sanitiser available in the cabin and outside. I am keeping away from my clients, so it does mean we can’t do heavy lifting sessions as I can’t get close to people. However, luckily my garden is a good size so I can stay a safe distance away whilst ensuring form is correct.

Get in touch with Gabby for more information on PT sessions and bootcamp classes. Also follow her on Instagram for home workouts and achievable goals.

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