Here’s how Captain Sir Tom Moore is still helping Northamptonshire’s NHS staff and patients

Healthcare charity’s long list of initiatives and projects boosted by 100-year-old’s fund-raising walk

Northamptonshire Health Charity has revealed how its share of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s mammoth fund-raising effort is helping NHS staff and patients.

Captain Sir Tom raised £32.8million for NHS Charities Together’s Covid-19 Appeal with by walking 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden last year just before his 100th birthday,

The money has been shared between NHS charities across the country to benefit NHS patients, staff and volunteers at the centre of the coronavirus crisis.

Northamptonshire Health Charity — which supports Northampton General Hospital and the community and mental health services under Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust. — received £412,600, enabling the charity to fund a wide range of initiatives and projects, enhancing care and experience for local patients and improving NHS staff wellbeing.

In tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died in February, Northamptonshire Health Charity is sharing news of how those funds have supported NHS patients, staff and volunteers in Northamptonshire.

Rob Powell, community fundraiser, “All of this is still only a snapshot of everything the charity is able to fund thanks to the incredible legacy from Captain Sir Tom Moore and all those fundraising for NHS Charities Together.

“Thank you seems too little to say for such an enormous contribution this true legend has made to us all.

“Captain Sir Tom’s fund-raising and having been captured in the hearts of the nation has helped to raise awareness about NHS charities and the many ways we support the NHS.

“We really are so grateful for everything he did over the last year, following his remarkable life.”

Full details of all the Northamptonshire Healthcare Charity projects helped by Captain Sir Tom’s efforts can be found HERE along with details on how you can “help the organisation today to improve lives tomorrow.”