In pictures: Disco Henry was back ‘out out’ snapping revellers on Freedom Weekend at NB’s in Northampton

For those who do not know Disco Henry he has been taking photos of clubbers in Northampton and Wellingborough nightclubs since 2004.

He was possibly one of the first in the town to really utilise the internet and social media to provide people with memories of their nights out.

But the DJ and photographer has been locked down since March 2020 with the rest of the nightclub industry.

This weekend he was let loose doing what he does best at the Bridge Street club as the government lifted all Covid restrictions on Monday, July 19.

Speaking to the Chronicle and Echo, Disco Henry said: “I was a little bit nervous but I soon got into it! I got a huge, warm welcome from people who were pleased to see me.

“Everyone was there to have a good time, to enjoy themselves. It was great to see people dancing, having a drink, socialising, catching up with friends.

“I had so many people say they missed me. It was so lovely to see old friends, old faces and also the newer generation.

“Those who have just turned 18. It was great to see. They’ll slowly get used to who I am. The newer generation have never had the club experience. Some of them will have gone for the first time this weekend, so it’s nice to be able to photograph that.

“On the whole, it was really nice. The vibes were good.”

Henry said it’s been difficult the last 16 months in lockdown.

He said: “It’s been difficult being away from people. When you are out all the time and then suddenly you’re not allowed out. That’s had a massive effect, socially, mentally and financially.

“I’ve had 18 months of going to bed early, so the last week has worn me out!

“It was strange seeing people without face coverings. I think the girls appreciated being able to wear their make up and lipstick.

“I’m hoping things stay open but it depends on the government. Health comes before everything else.

“It must have been a massive boost for the hospitality industry. They’ve not had any revenue since March 2020, but now they can open at full capacity.

“Massive appreciation to all the staff who have worked in the industry. It’s been hard for them. The bar staff, the door staff, glass collectors, management, and the DJs.”

The Chron has been publishing numerous photo galleries of Disco Henry’s pictures from over the years. The DJ wanted to say thank you for all the positive feedback the stories have received online.

He said: “I just want to say to people, thanks for being part of the Disco Henry experience. Some people cringe but it’s all good memories.

“I think the feedback has been really positive. I’m just really enjoying being back out there again.”

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