Northampton charity shop ‘off the beaten track’ set to relaunch after using lockdown for a makeover

The Animals In Need charity shop is reopening with a fresh look on Monday following the lockdown.

A charity shop based in a Northampton neighbourhood is ready to relaunch this Monday after using the lockdown to give itself a makeover.

Northamptonshire-based charity Animals In Need is reopening its shop on Lea Road in Abington next week after closing for the lockdown in March.

After taking the time to restock with some fresh donations and redesign the shop floor, the store’s volunteers are asking customers to step off the beaten track of the high street and visit them to see what they’ve achieved.

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Volunteer Lynn Gregory said: “It’s been a little while but the lockdown has ben a chance to the shop a fresh look with paint and new signage, but we’ve also got some really good and exciting donations in at a great bargain.

“I’m excited to see it open again. It would be really good to welcome people again and get the word out about the charity. It really is one of the most unique centres in the country and there really isn’t another like it.

“Thank you so much for the great donations and we hope you like the makeover.”

Animals In Need, based in Little Irchester, runs one of the UK’s only independent walk-in animal welfare centres and cares for up to 500 animals at a time, including injured and distressed wildlife found by residents.

The shop in Lea Road is also searching for volunteers to help in the shop Monday to Saturday between 10am and 3.30pm. For more information, contact

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