Pictures: Here are the top SEVEN jobs being advertised for immediate starts in Northampton right now

“Mach Recruitment” and “jobs in Northampton” have been two of the top phrases Googled by people in Northampton this month (March). So this newspaper has put together seven jobs which are on offer at Mach Recruitment, which is based in St Giles Street.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the UK economy, with unemployment rising to a five-year high in the three months to December.

Analysis of Department for Work and Pensions figures by the JPIMedia Data Unit reveals the number of people claiming Universal Credit in Northampton has risen by 178% in the past year – despite efforts to protect jobs through the government furlough scheme.

In January 2020, there were 8,151 people claiming in Northampton, but provisional figures for January 2021 show that had risen to 22,638.

To contact Mach Recruitment, call 07526170721 or 01604 631503.

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