Take a look around newly opened family farm in Northampton including cows, ducks and more

East Lodge Farm, in Ecton, is already host to a wide range of functions, including a horse riding school, cattle farm and a shop, but it was the search for a family day out that led this farm to branch out even more.

The idea came to Thomas White, who owns the business as a third-generation tenant farmer of East Lodge, when his own family could not find a similar venue closer to home.

He said: “You sort of had to go north of Kettering to get something similar and there isn’t much to do in between.

“We were having to travel a fair distance for something similar so, we thought, why not?”

So, after a painstaking 18 month wait, Thomas’ farm was granted its licence to display the animals and away they went.

Search ‘East Lodge Open Farm’ on Facebook to find out more.

Take a look around the Northampton family farm with in the pictures below.

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