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​The story: Northampton residents lined the streets to applaud shopkeeper Viren Shah for 35 years of kind service

Even to this day when I have moved out the village and visit my mum.

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He still remembers me and asks how my family is.

Lovely bloke, always have a chat when I go in.

Adrian Matthews

A very hard working and lovely man.

My husband Noel and I have had many an interesting chat with Viren.

And he knows his red wines too; had some good recommendations from him. Well done Viren, very well deserved x

Diane Dinneen

Awww! Amiya was telling me about this the other day! Congrats!!

Used to get off the school bus and pop in for a packet of Snaps!! Always a friendly chap.

Becca Evans

Congratulations Viren ,Roy and family. I remember your kindness to me and my parents. Thank you .xx

Suzanne Tac

Really nice man. Always talked to me when I went in there.

Lisa Ann-Marie Fuller

The story: The ‘lenient’ sentence of a thug who killed Northampton’s Glenn Davies in a one-punch attack has been increased by three years

Happens too often, one punch to the head and most of them are to the back of head too when it is unexpected. Start giving these thugs longer sentences, a man has lost his life and many lives have been destroyed by this man’s actions!

Shernade Bradshaw

Not long enough! Life for a life. People have got to understand how poor Glen’s family is feeling. Because if that was my son he killed he’d regret it when he came out he’d wish he’d still be in prison that’s all I’m saying. I would never ever forgive this thug! That goes for anyone who has killed because people who kill ruin families for the rest of their lives. Deffo should have got life!

Shannon Battisson

Let’s hope the £2.5b that is being invested into the prison system is used to actually rehabilitate this man so actually does come out reformed. My thoughts and prayers are with the man’s family who lost his life.

Hannah Litt

Premeditated or not, he had time to walk away but still went round to deliver the final blow. 15 years should be minimum , this is the reason people have no faith in the justice system.

7 years- so he’ll be out in 3 and a half, less time served on remand.

And the establishment- that dreary unimaginative disgrace (party politics aside- both the blue and red franchises are as bad) wonder why there’s so much crime.

Derek Taylor

So has the judge who originally sentenced him been sacked?

Stuart Millican

3 and a half years isn’t enough for a life but it was not the man’s intentions to kill.

Keigan Munro

The story: Police snapped one speeding vehicle every 50 seconds on the A43

People moaning about speeding, I think tailgating should be targeted more myself! Nothing more infuriating than only being able to see some idiot’s bonnet and windscreen in my rear view! Must admit I have slammed my brakes on numerous times to shake em up.

Stephen Coulson

They need to be on the new dual carriageway on the A43, catch loads there seeing it’s a 40 mph hardly anyone goes at that speed.

Ivor Rigsby Richards

So, that’s £18,100 made in 2 and a half hours.

And they say the police are underfunded!

Adam Duncan

Tickets are useless, many will not pay them anyway.

Take away their cars, simple as that.

These speeders put lives at risks, we have to stop waiting for them to kill someone first before a stricter sentence is enforced.

Chambers Bernie

investigations revealed that excessive speed was a contributing factor in 14 per cent of collisions.

And everyone here goes blaming speeding. Interesting what makes rest 86 per cent? Probably they are the people who blame speeding while crashing left and right because of no driving skill, awareness, reaction or brains.

Sandis Sirmais

Maybe they wanna target inner city roads like the billing road where I have witnessed idiots doing speeds of 60 mph + every evening and that’s a 30 zone.

Not once have I seen a mobile speed camera along there but there have been numerous crashes and even deaths.

Richard Prendiville

People moaning about mobile speed cameras but speeding, so effectively paying for them to be there.

Richard Timothy

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